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1. A CD copy of the new album, Supernova, with 11 tracks. Includes a FREE album download. Released August 2013.

2.Deluxe CD with 2 discs, featuring 17 tracks on each. Packaged in a plastic case with a handmade lyric booklet and FREE download.
2. Cepheid
3. Bright Lights
4. Shooting Stars
5. Final Chapter
6. Polaris
7. Rhythm Of The Tides
8. In Prayer
9. Through It All
10. Shelter
11. Out There Waiting
12. Evermore
13. In Your Arms
14. Truth
15. Meant To Be
16. Rise Again
17. Roads (Instrumental)

3. A physical copy of the EP, Fantasies, released on April 12th 2013. Includes a Handmade Lyric booklet and each EP is numbered and personalized (please leave a 'note to seller' for personal requests).

*As soon as you place an order, you will be sent a FREE download of the EP immediately*

1. Distant Star (Instrumental)
2. Fantasies (Instrumental)
3. Eternity
4. Hourglass
5. Colours
6. Eyes
7. Asleep

The EP can be heard here:

Alternatively, you can also purchase an mp3 download version of the EP.

4. Physical Copy of the debut album, Out Of Reach, released July 2012. With each purchase of the album you will also receive a handmade Lyric booklet. Each album comes numbered and personalized (please leave a 'note to seller' for personal requests)

*As soon as you place an order, you will receive a download of the album too*

Includes 15 Tracks:
1. Fjords (Into The Sea)
2. Summerland (Instrumental)
3. Card Games & Galaxies
4. Fragments
5. Taken Back
6. Cards Of Fate
7. Beyond Our Own
8. Creeping Shadows
9. Into My Arms
10. Morbo Mentis
11. Tonight
12. Light Years
13. The Oath (Perfect)
14. The Calling
15. Say Hello (To Solitude)

Search for the songs here: https://soundcloud.com/#hope-wont-fade

Alternatively, you can purchase an mp3 download of the album too.